International Partner - South Africa

Dennis & Doreen Charles

Dennis & Doreen Charles have devoted their lives to meeting the needs of people in South Africa and many Sub-Saharan countries. Having lived in extreme poverty, they know firsthand the pain of going hungry and without the basic necessities of life. As a little girl, Doreen spent her days walking many hours to collect water for her family. Dennis' life of drugs and gambling was transformed not long after he met Doreen.

Together with their seven children, their small government home was a place where many could find a place to sleep or a warm meal. Often times, one would find every available space taken with someone needing shelter for the night or for a few months.

They built their first church in the Indian community of Northdale, South Africa. Over the years, they have built many churches in poverty stricken areas. For over 50 years, they have responded to cries for help in many desperate regions in Southern Africa. Many who were poor, sick and suffering have felt the love of this precious couple.

In 2009, they helped set up a sewing micro-business and small farm in Catembe, Mozambique. A water well was dug for the residents in this community. Dennis & Doreen are looking to help set up a poultry business and expand the sewing business on this Mozambican island.

There's no retiring for these ambassadors. In 2003, after moving to a seaside apartment in Durban, S. Africa, they connected with a group who was working amongst the homeless along the beachfront. Dennis & Doreen have now become 'parents' to many destitute people living on the beach.