Rice-Palay Crop Expansion at Kalinga Shelter

The Kalinga shelter is currently renting (2) hectares of land, on which they have planted rice-palay. (One hectare = approximately 2.5 acres.) The crops yield 35 sacks of rice per planting season, however each month, the shelter has a rice shortage problem. In order to make the rice-palay cropping sustainable, the shelter needs to purchase (4) more hectares of land, thus producing enough rice-palay for harvest and profit. One hectare of land is rented in 5-year increments, and crops are planted twice a year. Thus, there is an initial investment of land that is renewable every five years, followed by yearly seedling costs.

Project Needs: (4) hectares of land for cropping
Project Costs: (1) hectare = $3,500 for 1st year rental costs - $1,000 seedling costs annually after

  • Creating sustainable food and profits for the Kalinga shelter children and workers
  • Operating costs, supplies, food
  • Increases the opportunity to welcome more children into Kalinga shelter from sustainable income

If you wish to expand the Kalinga rice-palay project, please visit our donation page. If you have any questions, pleasecontact us.