Kalinga Shelter Elementary School

Across Borders helped to build the Kalinga Shelter and elementary school, which provides protection, housing, education and hope to street children, some of whom were former sex slaves. The shelter currently houses 55 children, provides work for 30 teachers and staff, and helps over 100 families. Recently, the shelter has been given a permit from the Department of Education to operate a full grade school, holding classes up to the sixth grade. In order for the school building to structurally meet the full grade-school requirement, the shelter needs to build two additional classrooms. If enough funding is raised, they can complete this requirement and increase their student body to 200 students. This will in turn create enough sustainability to not only accommodate more children, but also compensate teachers and workers, who are currently volunteering.

Project Costs: $21,000

  • Elementary school expansion – 2 additional classrooms built
  • Completion of Dept. of Education structural full grade-school requirement
  • Increasing the student body to 200 students
  • Operating costs, supplies, educational materials, food
  • Creating a sustainable business model – compensation of teachers and workers
  • Accommodating more children and staff comfortably

If you wish to help complete the Kalinga Shelter Elementary School, please visit our donation page. If you have any questions, please contact us.