Kalinga Shelter Expansion

Across Borders helped to build the Kalinga Shelter and elementary school, which provides protection, housing, education and hope to street children, some of whom were former sex slaves. The run-down shelter currently houses 55 children, provides work for 30 teachers and staff, and helps over 100 families. Currently, children and staff are packed into tiny crowded rooms, as the amount of street children has grown faster than the building can uphold. Across Borders wishes to purchase land, and build a new and improved shelter that will accommodate more street children and staff comfortably. The vision is to build a two-story house with 5 large bedrooms, and 2 large staff rooms.

Kalinga Shelter Expansion
Project Costs: $75,000


  • Land ownership for new shelter construction
  • New and improved two-story 5-bedroom shelter to accommodate children and staff comfortably
  • Operating costs, supplies, educational materials, food
  • Ability to provide further additions for more children, in a safe up-to-standards home

If you wish to help the Kalinga Shelter Expansion, please visit our donation page. If you have any questions, please contact us.