Expanding Animal Husbandry

Across Borders helped to build the Kalinga Shelter and elementary school, which provides protection, housing, education and hope to street children, some of whom were former sex slaves. The shelter currently houses 55 children, provides work for 30 teachers and staff, and helps over 100 families. Some of the older street kids have little or no education, and are faced with limited opportunities to earn an income.

Animal husbandry is the science of raising and breeding domestic animals that are used primarily as food or product sources. Our current animal husbandry project at Kalinga is goat breeding, and this project has multi-fold purposes. The sustainable profits produced by raising and breeding goats currently serve as the only source of income for the caretakers of the shelter. Secondly, by teaching the older children animal husbandry practices, we are teaching them a viable trade they may use for a lifetime. This education gives the children a great sense of pride, and financial hope for their future.

Animal husbandry shows the most promise in becoming the area’s top producing sustainable development project. The shelter currently helps over 100 families, and our goal is to increase the number of female goats by 70, thus tripling the number of beneficiary families to around 300. In addition, Across Borders wishes to utilize a mini shelter in the near-by area, and expand this project by breeding ducks and chickens. This would produce eggs and meat to feed more people, and to sell.

Project Costs: $6,360

  • Increasing the number of goats from 30 to 100 – thus becoming a fully sustainable project
  • Increasing the number of beneficiary families from 100 to 300
  • Purchasing 50 ducks and 50 chickens to expand husbandry practice
  • Operating costs, supplies, food
  • Creating sustainable income for shelter caretakers
  • Increases the opportunity to welcome more children into the Kalinga shelter

If you wish to expand our Kalinga Animal Husbandry project, please visit our donation page. If you have any questions, please contact us.