Corn Crop Business at Kalinga Shelter

Similar to the rice-palay business, corn cropping also produces a high net profit. If the Kalinga shelter can rent land and plant (6) hectares of corn annually, the harvest and profit would sustain the shelter’s rental cost of $326/month. One hectare of land is rented in 5-year increments, and crops are planted twice a year. Thus, there is an initial investment of land that is renewable every five years, followed by yearly seedling costs.

Project Needs: (6) hectares of land for cropping
Project Costs: (1) hectare = $4,400 for 1st year rental costs - $1,000 annually after
Renewable rent every 5 years


  • Creating sustainable food and profits for the Kalinga shelter to cover monthly rental costs
  • Operating costs, supplies, food
  • Increases the opportunity to welcome more children into Kalinga shelter from sustainable income

If you wish to expand the Kalinga corn crop business, please visit our donation page. If you have any questions, please contact us.