Matete Farm Expansion

Across Borders built a maize mill Kande, Malawi, where modern technology replaces the process of hand pounding grains by wooden mortar. The mill uses a combination sheller and miller, housed in the same building. Shelled husks can be sold as animal feed, while milled grains are used for food and other food-related programs. Over 900 people use the mill each month, some walking nearly 10 miles every day to reach this destination. A minimum of 4,500 families benefit directly and indirectly from the mill plant project each month.

We are currently seeking funding for the expansion of this particular project. The mill area land expansion includes beginning a new poultry farm, called Matete farm. Nationals in the area have purchased additional land with the hopes of beginning meat and egg production. This expansion requires minimal operational funding, could produce profits quickly, and feed thousands more local families.

Project Costs: $2,700

  • Start up costs of purchasing chickens and cows for meat and egg production
  • Operating costs, supplies, food
  • Providing food for thousands more families

If you would like to help the Matete farm expansion, please visit our donation page. If you have any questions, please contact us.