Green Maize Cropping

Across Borders built a maize mill Kande, Malawi, where modern technology replaces the process of hand pounding the grains by wooden mortar. Over 900 people use the mill each month, some walking nearly 10 miles every day to reach this destination. A minimum of 4,500 families benefit directly and indirectly from the mill plant project each month.

We are currently seeking funding for the expansion of this particular project. Nationals in the area have purchased additional land to harvest green maize crops. Maize is a main food commodity in Malawi. By growing and selling green maize all year round, locals can produce a 150% profit within the first full year of harvest. The green maize will be a group business operated by twelve women from the Matete Church Community. Each woman will be assigned one plot of land to manage, and will be given a $200 loan to plant and operate their land. The ladies will be responsible for paying back an agreed minimum on the land each month.

Project Costs: $4,700

  • 20 kgs of maize seed, 10 bags of fertilizers
  • Farm equipment, a water pump and irrigation pipe
  • Operating costs, misc. supplies
  • Revolving fund to welcome more into the group business

If you would like to help the Matete green maize project, please visit our donation page. If you have any questions, please contact us.