Nezi Primary School

Nezi is a remote village in the high Himalayas, nestled in a valley between two mountain ranges that border Sikkim and Nepal. Nezi means "heavenly" in the Lepcha language. The ethnic groups represented here are the Limbu, Rais, and Lepcha. The Limbu and Rais are originally from Nepal, while the Lepcha are the original inhabitants and ancient tribe of the Himalayas.

Because the village is so remote, the people have little means to earn an income. The nearest town for any type of market trade is a 6-hour walk to Jorethang, and many fathers make the trek daily under heavy packs of milk, butter and vegetables to sell. Most of the people in the Nezi region are also illiterate. A nearby government school, which is no longer functioning, was a 6-hour walk for the children, each day.

Twelve years ago, a man named Peter Blen Lepcha, started a school for the children in this remote area. He began the school with 10 eager students and one volunteer, and it has since blossomed to over 50 children and 4 teachers. The school also functions as a day care, as most local parents work long hours, usually in a physically demanding job. Some parents carry their little ones on their backs, even while working in the fields. The school uses a hut-like space approximately 12 x 2 ft long. All classes have to sit together, sometimes only separated by rows, and some sit outside, weather permitting.

The Nezi primary school has been privately funded for over twenty years, but recently learned their funding has been discontinued, due to political instability and global economic disparity. Because of the extreme poverty in the area, the children will not only miss an education, but also their only guaranteed meal of the day. The school provided a lunch meal consisting of rice, daal and vegetable curry.

The Nezi primary school is in danger of closing its doors, as early as June 2010. With the help of a few new sponsors, we will be able to keep the doors open for a few months longer. However, we wish to provide a few years of security to the school, until they are able to receive funding from a consistent source again. We are also interested in channeling funding towards the construction of a proper up-to-standards new school building for the children, assuming we have stable long-term funding in place.

Nezi Primary School – operating costs: $5,000 annually

  • Providing primary school education for 6 classes and 50 students, for a year
  • Providing a guaranteed healthy meal once a day, for 50 children, for a year
  • Providing a secured salary to 4 full-time teachers, for a year
  • Operating costs, school supplies, school building maintenance

Nezi Primary School – new building construction & land: $42,000 total

  • Purchasing needed land and registration
  • Building materials and necessary labor for completion
  • Providing proper fencing, landscaping, security features
  • Providing furniture, desks, and other school amenities, including a functional kitchen and bathroom

If you would like to help raise funds or donate towards the Nezi Primary School, please contact us.