Partners in the Field

We have fostered long-standing and trustworthy relationships with community organizations and individuals in the countries in which we operate – India, Madagascar, Malawi, Mozambique, the Philippines, and South Africa. These organizations and individuals help monitor the social, economic and political climates in which we work, so that we may adjust our projects, operations and funding as needed. Our international partners are also on-site and able to provide project evaluations, data and progress updates. As our projects are constantly evolving, we are always working to increase efficiency and frequency in the ways in which we collect data and project information. Because a lot of the geographical areas in which we work are remote, we rely on our partners to deliver critical field information in a timely manner. Most of our partners have committed themselves to these various projects for months and sometimes years at a time. They live and work in these areas with their own families, to help sustain progress and nurture growth for the individuals and communities involved. We are truly honored and grateful for their work and service, and we look forward to expanding this fantastic international team.