Chimando Maize Mill
(Chimando in Tonga  ..means PEACE)


  • The quality of the corn flour from your mill is far better than other mills. 
  • Your price for the service is affordable and very reasonable.   
  • We are treated as special people not abused or shouted at by those who are milling.
  • We feel privileged and honored to try business as an income generating activity to fund our evangelism and social projects. 
  • This is what we long for many years and at last our dream has come true.  
  • This is just the beginning of many of God's breakthrough into financial independence and we will be able to help those in need. 


Geographical Location: The Maize Mill is located at Kande Trading Centre, in Nkhata-Bay district, in the northern part of Malawi. Kande Trading Centre is along the main roadway that runs from Blantyre city through the central Malawi, partly along the Lake Malawi up to Mzuzu city over 120 kms away from Kande.  The Lakeshore road is one of the two main roads that links the county with other towns and cities of Malawi, making travel accessibility easy.

Social & Political Context: Malawi enjoys a multi party system of government since 1995 and has never experienced any civil wars or serious political instability. Malawi is known as the most peaceful country in the Southern Africa. Malawians are peace loving people and are very warm and friendly. Malawi is also known as “the Warm Heart of Africa”.  The Tonga people of Nkhata- Bay are very social and friendly people.  They are involved in many social activities such as dances, sports, and games that reflect their strong cultural heritage.


Religious Context: The majority of the Tonga people claim to be Christians although it is a small percent that are truly committed to Christ. The first Presbyterian missionaries came to Bandawe mission station few miles away from Kande. The area has both many churches and cults groups such as Jehovah’s Witnesses and other religions groups as Islam is tolerated. The Pentecostal Revival Church has many strong and growing churches in these areas. The church is involved in many programs that are holistic in nature. Some of these social programs support orphans, widows, and the elderly.


Economically: Economically, Malawi is ranked as number five of the poorest nations. Our main export product is tobacco, and then tea, and sugar.  The majority of our population live in the rural areas and are engaged in small scale farming using manpower. There is not much employment in these areas. Most of small farming cultivation is meant for household food production. Kande Trading is surrounded by tourist lodges that are a source of income to some who had been offered employment. Some sources of income to the area are realized through small businesses and funds sent by relatives who are working in towns or in and outside Malawi.  So, people normally are very poor. Most are living below $1.00 or around 60 cents per day.


The Maize Mill Project: Modern technology to process the maize, rice and cassava is faster than the traditional way of hand pounding the grains in a hand made wooden mortar. The maize milling plant is considered one of the best business ventures in the area. The combination of a Sheller and a Miller housed in the same building is more advantageous.  The shelled husks can be turned into animal feeds and sold locally to those who are raising livestock and poultry. The running the mill business will give the church an opportunity to use some of the business proceeds for its social work. With the mill project, the church will make soy enriched flour for malnourished children. We will provide to the Kande community and other communities, milling services at an affordable price.  The mill plant will offer a more sustainable way of generating an income to run many church related activities.

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