Success Stories

Malawi - Maize Mill Success Story
The maize mill that Across Borders built in Kande, Malawi, is coming on its 2-year anniversary in June 2010!
A group of children enjoy a meal as part of
sustainable feeding project.
The mill’s sustainability has become a key component of economical transformation for the area, which helps to feed and employ local widows and AIDS orphans. The mill uses modern technology to replace the process of hand pounding grains by wooden mortar. Efficiency has been key, as the mill uses a combination sheller and miller, housed in the same building. Shelled husks are sold as animal feed, while milled grains are used for food and other food-related programs.

Over 900 people use the mill each month, some walking nearly 10 miles every day to reach this destination. A minimum of 4,500 families benefit directly and indirectly from the mill plant project each month.

The proceeds from the mill have been significant enough to purchase and cultivate a
A Malawian woman grinds the maize
traditionally by hand.
large amount of land in the area. Our partners in the field will be organizing the construction of 6-8 homes (our target goal) for local AIDS orphans, on the newly purchased acres. We will keep you posted on the progress!

Due to the wide-reaching success of this sustainable project in Kande, Across Borders is now planning a larger campaign that will build multiple maize mills, in conjuction with other sustainable projects, in Malawi. We’re thinking big and getting ready to pounce!

Congratulations to our Malawi partners, and those involved in successfully maintaining the daily operations of the maize mill. Your continued efforts are helping thousands.

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